Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Old World Frame Love

I thought I'd show you a few items that I've been working on and completed in the last couple of days.
Over the last year or so, I've come to love giving an Old World treatment to so many things. I've given it to concrete statues, iron shelving, clay pottery and mirror frames.

 It gives such a romantic, old fashion look to just about any item you put it on.
 This was one of my favorite projects in the last several days.
When you add an old world treatment to a vintage inspired frame and add a chalkboard, it just makes me want to swoon. I love how this framed chalkboard turned out. Isn't she pretty?
It can be hung horizontal.
Framed Chalkboard
Or vertical
Vintage Inspired Chalkboard
Why is it when you take photos of an item in horizontal and then one in vertical it just doesn't look like the same item?? Drives me bonkers! But I can assure you it is the same chalkboard. I really love how this turned out. It was hard for me to list it in our Etsy Shop but I know that I can make another one for our home too.

Here's another frame that I completed. Went with a Rustic Red and then a glazing technique for this one. See how it really brings the crevices out and lets a peek of the gold shine thru.
 Here's the vertical
 and horizontal thing going on again.
Well, that's what I've been up to pretty much the last week or so. I've got more than these two framed chalkboards painted. Listing some in our Etsy shop and taking some to our Antique Booth.

Speaking of the Antique Booth, today is my day to work there. Still feeling under the weather but I signed up several weeks ago, so I must go and get ready.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Thanks so much for stopping by
I appreciate each and every visit!

From the Heart,


  1. I like the transformation... but I'm a RED lover ;-)

  2. Oh Jana - they're gorgeous - both of them - can't decide which one I like more!!!
    Beautiful job!

  3. Jana, OMG I love love love that red framed chalkboard.. I have a chalkboard in my kitchen now, but I want tgat red one.. Email me fusnerc@aol.com
    Thank u, Christine


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