Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dragonflies and Plate Flowers~Early summer projects

I know that I haven't posted much during the summer, though remember when I said I was busy. I really was!
While going through some of my photos the other day, I ran across several that I never shared on my blog.
As usual, I didn't take photos while creating this creature. Meet one of my Dragonflies. I made several of them, such a fun project!

He's adorned with a couple of antique items, the eyes are antique porcelain knobs and his tail has an insulator. It is marked 1893. I collect antique glass insulators, have about 200 of them now.Yes, My husband just looks at me every time I buy a new one! :0)

Also during the early spring and summer months, I made a TON of plate flowers. Now they are my kind of flower. No watering, weeding or wilting! Here's just a sampling of some that were made.
Plate flowers
I had them in our booths at the Antique shops that we're in. Although I packed up what was left last week hoping to bring them back out in early spring next year. A girl only needs so many plate flowers and I have about 50 of these ready, with hundreds of plates still to do more.
Glass plate flowers
Well, I have a lot to get done today. I hope you enjoyed seeing just a few of the projects that I did over the summer months. I might have pictures of more, I'll have to look.

Thanks so much for stopping by
Your visits mean the world to me!

From the Heart,

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  1. Love that dragonfly, and your plate flowers are gorgeous!!! Your flowers look painted. I made some painted ones before blogging and gave them away as gifts. but I'll definitely be making more and putting them in my store. They're so beautiful!

  2. Hi Jana, such a beautiful Dragonfly and the plates are so pretty. Such beautiful garden art.

  3. Those are so creative and fun and really cute. It looks like you had a fun and productive summer.

  4. I love to make plate flowers too! It's seductive! I can't go to a thrift store without coming home with more dishes! I haven't put any in a shop yet. Here in Florida they can stay out year round so I'm thinking about it. Your plates are gorgeous!! Each one is so fun!

  5. Jana you're so creative! I'd love to have some of these, if I though my hubby could avoid them while weed eating and grass cutting! They're so pretty ;-) Happy Birthday (belated)

  6. Oh my, your garden art is amazing.

    I do much smaller things, but maybe I will try something like your plate flowers.


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