Thursday, May 2, 2013

Old Fashioned Chair Transformation

Sometimes you just have to look past the ugliness to see the potential when looking for furniture re-dos. That is surely what I did with this chair.
Just look at it.
It's seen better days for sure. It's been abused and used with scratches, stickers and paint splatters all over. It had joints that had to be reglued and there was even gum stuck to it.

This lonely chair has been sitting in the shop for about 7 months, I've put off re-doing it due to all the sanding that it required plus the joints had work that had to be done. But I finally took the plunge and transformed her.

What do you think now? I'd say she's 100 percent better. I was going for an old fashioned feel and I think that I captured it. I sanded, primed then painted it in white. Added multiple layers of pink and mauve paint to the darker areas that you see. The tips of the spindles, the chair back and even her little feet like she's wearing pretty shoes. Then on top of the pinks and mauve, I used a gold antiquing glaze. 
I really do love how it changed the bright pink color and toned it down. It turned out just how I was hoping.
old painted chair make over

 I think the roses give it the old fashion look that I was going for, don't you? I would love to take credit for painting them. Though, I'm no artist, my roses would never look so good. These are water-slide transfers that I applied then sealed with Polycrylic. I did the same technique on THIS chair.

No more old paint, scratches, stickers, weak joint or gum. Just a nice old fashioned make-over.

old painted chair with roses make over
She's sitting pretty now. 
Ready to go into my booth at the Antique Mall so she can go to a new home to be loved.

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Have a beautiful day.

From the Heart,

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  1. This chair is a huge transformation. Great job!


  2. visiting from feathered nest - I adore this. Well done you to spot how wonderful it could be

  3. So bright and happy now!

  4. What a glorious transformation! Love what you've done.

  5. love it! Thank you for sharing at the hop my sweet bloggy friend xo

  6. What a great transformation! Life to the full! Melissa

  7. Beautiful, Jana! What a great transformation! Love the new color and those decals you added really finished it off nicely.

  8. So pretty, with the sweet roses ;-) A lovely transformation indeed!

  9. Well it certainly does not look at all like the same chair...beautiful job!!!...and I am sure it will find a new home very soon!!!...Have a great Mother's Day!!!

  10. A definite improvement! You turned a "sleeper" into quite a keeper. Love it!


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