Sunday, March 10, 2013

Our completed Flip Top Console Table

I'm so excited to show you our newest project. This one was for sure a husband and wife (me) job.
I've looked at Ana-White's site a couple of times in the past few weeks and seen a table that I wanted my husband to build. I showed him the photo and he was off to the lumber store to gather the supplies.
It didn't take him very long to cut the pieces and put the table together. He followed the instructions for the most part, instead of using stair balusters though, my husband cut a 4x4 the length that was needed and tapered the legs. Also for the back of the top of table, be sure the wood is 4" wide, normal 1"x4"s aren't a true 4" wide. So he cut a 1x6 to get the true 4" that was required.

flip top console table

When he was through building, the fun began. Priming and painting. 

Here's a boo-boo that I had, I'm telling you this so you don't make the same mistake. If you have any holes that you will be puttying, make sure that you use stain-able wood putty. Otherwise, you'll have to paint instead of the planned staining. I'm not going to say who put the wrong putty in the holes, I'm just saying pay attention. Okay, that's out of my system.
The plan was to paint the lower section and stain the top, but since it didn't go according to my plans, I now had to figure out a paint color. I chose this yummy chocolate color. Don't you just love it...looks almost good enough to eat, like melted chocolate.

Problem was, after I finished painting the top, I didn't care for the brown paint after all even with its chocolatey goodness. So I began thinking of other techniques that I could do.

I did a glaze wash/blend with the same color paint that I used on the lower section, which is Valspar Cream in my Coffee.
My husband says that it looks like Horse hair. What do you think? I was going for an old rustic farmhouse look.

Love the hinges for easy access 
We used 3 hinges instead of the suggested 2.
hinges on flip top console table
I'm really liking the Cream in my Coffee color. Might just paint our bedroom in this.
  Just look at all the room for storing items.
Loving it! 
flip top farmhouse console table
Just in case anyone would like the plans for the table, just go to Ana's site HERE for them. She has lots of plans, this is the first time I've used her site. Might be making a return trip to see what other plans I might use in the future.

I love how this table turned out. It wasn't a difficult or too time consuming project. What took the most time was for me to figure out what I wanted to do on the top. Had I stained it, it would have been a 4-5 hour job. It takes me a while to make up my mind when faced with decisions...just ask my hubby..he would whole-heartedly agree.
Have you built one of these console tables yet or plan to?

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  1. Jana, I think your pretty table looks amazing! You did a great job, and I really like the cream on coffee look. I think you nailed the old rustic farmhouse look. Congrats!


  2. What a pretty table. I love how it all came together and to make it yourselves makes it even more special.

  3. it turned out beutiful! If I had room for it, I would totally build one!

  4. Can you hear me squealing over here, Jana?? lol This table just rocks!!! I love the look, the style, and the fact that it has so much storage space is just plain genius! You and your hubs make a great team and did a fabulous job on this!! :) I had to pin it!

    xoxo laurie

  5. What a great job on this table. The storage is fantastic.


  6. very nice work.. looks great.
    thank you so much for your visit
    and the very sweet comment.

  7. Wow, I am impressed! What a nice job the two of you did! Love the table!

  8. What a cool table and the storage is great. Love the farmhouse feel.


  9. i love how it opens! what a great piece- and i love the weathered finish on the top!


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