Monday, March 4, 2013

My new finds at the Antique Shop

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

On Friday I mentioned that I was going to a new Antique shop in town? Well, I'm back to show you what I got.
First up is this wonderful fireplace screen made out of shutters. Don't really know what we are going to use it for as we don't have a fireplace but my husband liked it. I'm thinking I might put it in front of a window. Maybe paint it... or leave it as is. Don't know yet. What do you think...paint or leave be??

I also found these two old Chenille bedspreads. I've been on a mission lately trying to find vintage spreads, this time I lucked out and got two. Yay! A pretty pink one and a purple one. I have several pinks but this is my first purple one to find. Aren't they lovely.
I've already washed and dried them. It was so comfy curling up with them all nice and warm straight out of the dryer.

Next up is this great antique stool. It looks squaty in the photo but it's not. This will go great setting close by a window with a plant on top.

Don't you just love the grain of the wood on top? And just look at those dowels/legs sticking up through the seat. They don't make furniture like that anymore. Love it!

Here's a wooden caddy that I know I'll have fun transforming. Don't know what I'll do with it yet but I'm sure I'll think of something ;)

I seen a stack of material so I went to investigate. The tag said "Vintage Clothing" $5.00 so I snatched it up. It's full of lace.. I'll rip off the material to use in some projects and the lace in others. Thrilled with this find.

I seen on someone's blog the other day of how they had used an old ironing board for decorating on their front porch. I thought it was the cutest thing so when I seen one for sell I just had to have it. Don't you just love the saying on the front. "A Womans Work is Never Done" Ain't that the truth! Oh, can you see my stash of old window frames that I have to do? They are one of my favorite items to transform.

Last but not least, we also got an Antique Drop-Leaf table that I'll be putting in the living room. Man was it dirty. I cleaned and cleaned and the rags were so filthy, finally I got it all spiffed up. Now all I have to do is to move one table out of the living room to make room for this one to go beside my hubby's chair.

I enjoyed going to the new Antique shop and look forward to going again in the near future. I love browsing around in any Antique Shop, there's always so much to see and as usual so much to want.

Thanks so much for stopping by

From the Heart,


  1. Jana, I would have fought you for that lace!!! What a bargain! I look forward to seeing what you use it on. You can never have enough pretty trims in my book.

    Thanks for stopping by & thank you for your sweet comments on my Irish Step-Dance outfit. I really enjoyed making it.


  2. What wonderful finds! I especially love the bedspreads.

  3. Oh, those bed spreads are gorgeous! I love all your finds..isn't it fun?!
    Thanks for your lovely and kind comments on my Ann. gifts. Have a super week.

  4. OMG just send that screen directly to me! What a beauty, love love love it!!!!

    All your finds are fabulous. Lucky girl. Can't wait for yard sales to start up again... roll on spring!



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