Monday, March 18, 2013

A little of this and that~outdoor meanderings

I hope you had a beautiful weekend. We had some amazing weather for ours, so I spent the better part outdoors enjoying the warmer temps. 
Since Winter, our yard has become a mess though with Spring time almost here (20th is official day) it's time to get outdoors to clean up a little.
Look what I noticed...our lemon plants already have blooms on them. Oh, the sweet smell that they have. Ignore all the pollen on the leaves, my goodness the pollen is everywhere right now. Lots to clean up on the outdoor furniture and all around for that matter.

My carrots are doing fairly well, although they're not completely ready to be pulled. Hopefully soon before the heat hits.

I transplanted the Butter Crunch Lettuce this weekend. Love this lettuce all throughout Spring and early Summer. It doesn't look like much now but it grows rather quickly.

I did get lots of leaves racked.
This is just a small sampling of all the leaves.

At the end of the day, I just enjoyed some color. I forgot the name of this plant but I love the purple color of the little flowers.
Were you able to get outside this past weekend to get some yard work done? this weather. Wish it stayed like this year around.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nine less trees today~Pine Bark Beetles

I know this blog is mainly about DIY, Crafts and Food but today it's about trees. 
The drought that we've experienced for the last couple of years is playing havoc on our Pine trees. Today we have 9 less Pine trees than we did yesterday due to the Pine Bark Beetle.  When prolonged drought occurs, an increase in beetle activity is present.
As I stand in the woods, I hear the chomp, chomp, chomping and the tick...tick...ticking going on. At first I thought I was just hearing things but as it turns out, the beetles have been busy eating our trees away. Just so happens, they can kill a tree at a fairly rapid pace...anywhere from one week to one month and the tree is dead. 
What used to be lush, full woods that surrounded us is ever-increasingly getting thinner.

See the pine tree with all the bark off. This happened in a matter of less than a month. This tree is now gone as of yesterday.

Over the last couple of years, I've truly lost count at just how many trees we've lost. Though I do know that yesterday, we lost 9 more. We hired a tree cuter to take care of cutting down the trees that were close to different structures and also the ones close to the road, for safety reasons, they had to be taken down.  Yes, I'm sad about this.

What can we do? Not a lot, which is very frustrating. We can keep the trees that are close to our home watered, that is suppose to help prevent the Pine Bark Beetles, since they tend to go after drought stressed trees. Though out in the woods, watering isn't really an option. Spraying pesticides, really isn't an option either...danger and cost factors play into the decision of what we can and can't do.
We have some rather large, beautiful pine trees in our front yard. I pray that the beetles stay away from these trees...water...water...water is all that I know that we can do to prevent their demise.

This is what's on my mind today.

Yes, it makes me sad.

From the Heart,

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Our completed Flip Top Console Table

I'm so excited to show you our newest project. This one was for sure a husband and wife (me) job.
I've looked at Ana-White's site a couple of times in the past few weeks and seen a table that I wanted my husband to build. I showed him the photo and he was off to the lumber store to gather the supplies.
It didn't take him very long to cut the pieces and put the table together. He followed the instructions for the most part, instead of using stair balusters though, my husband cut a 4x4 the length that was needed and tapered the legs. Also for the back of the top of table, be sure the wood is 4" wide, normal 1"x4"s aren't a true 4" wide. So he cut a 1x6 to get the true 4" that was required.

flip top console table

When he was through building, the fun began. Priming and painting. 

Here's a boo-boo that I had, I'm telling you this so you don't make the same mistake. If you have any holes that you will be puttying, make sure that you use stain-able wood putty. Otherwise, you'll have to paint instead of the planned staining. I'm not going to say who put the wrong putty in the holes, I'm just saying pay attention. Okay, that's out of my system.
The plan was to paint the lower section and stain the top, but since it didn't go according to my plans, I now had to figure out a paint color. I chose this yummy chocolate color. Don't you just love it...looks almost good enough to eat, like melted chocolate.

Problem was, after I finished painting the top, I didn't care for the brown paint after all even with its chocolatey goodness. So I began thinking of other techniques that I could do.

I did a glaze wash/blend with the same color paint that I used on the lower section, which is Valspar Cream in my Coffee.
My husband says that it looks like Horse hair. What do you think? I was going for an old rustic farmhouse look.

Love the hinges for easy access 
We used 3 hinges instead of the suggested 2.
hinges on flip top console table
I'm really liking the Cream in my Coffee color. Might just paint our bedroom in this.
  Just look at all the room for storing items.
Loving it! 
flip top farmhouse console table
Just in case anyone would like the plans for the table, just go to Ana's site HERE for them. She has lots of plans, this is the first time I've used her site. Might be making a return trip to see what other plans I might use in the future.

I love how this table turned out. It wasn't a difficult or too time consuming project. What took the most time was for me to figure out what I wanted to do on the top. Had I stained it, it would have been a 4-5 hour job. It takes me a while to make up my mind when faced with decisions...just ask my hubby..he would whole-heartedly agree.
Have you built one of these console tables yet or plan to?

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Don't forget to change those clocks~Daylight Saving Time


I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Here's just a little reminder in case anyone forgot. It's that time of year, to set our clocks forward. "Springing Forward" one hour! You know what that means....yep....Spring is almost here. Yay!

Daylight Saving Time (United States) 2013 begins at 2:00 AM 
 Sunday, March 10

Do any of you actually wait until 2:00 AM to change your clocks? I've always thought that was the strangest time to do it. Who would want to sit up until 2:oo in the morning to Spring forward or Fall backward.
We have always just set it a couple of hours before bedtime to get us into the click of things.

Anyhoo, here's a neat website that I found the other day full of tid-bits about Daylight Saving Time if you would like to read. I thought it was very interesting. Click HERE to go to the site.

Have a fabulous weekend!!

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Another Old Window Frame Complete

The sun is shining and the skies are clear. Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day. Is everyone else as ready for Spring as I am? I'm getting all giddy just thinking about it. Soon...very soon.

In the mean time, I've completed another old window frame. If you've read my blog very long, you know how I love to redo old window frames. I've posted about several of them Here and Here. Now I have about 40 or so old windows, my little stash of them are growing. I can't help myself. My husband thinks that I have so much. I pick them up when ever I find them at a decent price and they're not rotting to pieces.

I don't have a lot of photos of the process. But it's the same process as usual. Scrape, scrape, scrape~sand, sand, sand and lots of cleaning to get the old paint off. Sometimes I wonder if it's even worth it though always in the end I'm happy to see the transformation.
Here are the few photos that I did manage to take. Seems as though lately, I forget to take a lot of photos. I just crawl off into the project before thinking about it.

Can you imagine...I forgot to take another photo until after I took the window to my booth at the Antique Mall.
Here it is completed. I took two photos and wouldn't you know both of them turned out blurry. Go figure. So I went with the least blurry one. (I'm no photographer by any stretch, we'll just call me the picture taker)
old window frame painted
While scrapping away on this window, one of the many paint colors on it was a green, very similar to it now. I like the green, it looks old fashion to me and all the paint streaks are very similar to what was on the window pane.
Why is it, years ago when someone painted windows, they would just paint onto the pane 3" or 4" and never bother to clean it off? I just don't get it! That would drive me nuts looking out my window and seeing all that paint on the glass panes.

Well, another old window complete. Yay! Now I'm off to complete another project that I'm excited about. Will share it with you in a day or two.
I hope where ever you're at that you're having a bright and happy sun-shiny day!

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Playing with textures

I've been playing around with adding textures to several different projects that I've been working on and enjoying the outcome.

This iron and metal caddy was solid black to begin with.
Dry and boring in my opinion. ~hey look, I have a before photo for a change ;)

So I thought I'd play around with giving it some texture and color.

I let some of the black come through but added several layers of colors so it wouldn't be so plain and also adding gesso to build up the texture. Using a similar technique that I posted about the other day using Rosemary at Villabarnes as inspiration. If you would like to see the projects I did the other day, click here.

I really like how it turned out. What do you think? Not so boring now?

Normally the only surfaces that I paint on are either wood or tile. So this little project was new to me but it was fun to see the transformation by just adding some texture and layers of color.

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From the Heart,

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Monday, March 4, 2013

My new finds at the Antique Shop

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

On Friday I mentioned that I was going to a new Antique shop in town? Well, I'm back to show you what I got.
First up is this wonderful fireplace screen made out of shutters. Don't really know what we are going to use it for as we don't have a fireplace but my husband liked it. I'm thinking I might put it in front of a window. Maybe paint it... or leave it as is. Don't know yet. What do you think...paint or leave be??

I also found these two old Chenille bedspreads. I've been on a mission lately trying to find vintage spreads, this time I lucked out and got two. Yay! A pretty pink one and a purple one. I have several pinks but this is my first purple one to find. Aren't they lovely.
I've already washed and dried them. It was so comfy curling up with them all nice and warm straight out of the dryer.

Next up is this great antique stool. It looks squaty in the photo but it's not. This will go great setting close by a window with a plant on top.

Don't you just love the grain of the wood on top? And just look at those dowels/legs sticking up through the seat. They don't make furniture like that anymore. Love it!

Here's a wooden caddy that I know I'll have fun transforming. Don't know what I'll do with it yet but I'm sure I'll think of something ;)

I seen a stack of material so I went to investigate. The tag said "Vintage Clothing" $5.00 so I snatched it up. It's full of lace.. I'll rip off the material to use in some projects and the lace in others. Thrilled with this find.

I seen on someone's blog the other day of how they had used an old ironing board for decorating on their front porch. I thought it was the cutest thing so when I seen one for sell I just had to have it. Don't you just love the saying on the front. "A Womans Work is Never Done" Ain't that the truth! Oh, can you see my stash of old window frames that I have to do? They are one of my favorite items to transform.

Last but not least, we also got an Antique Drop-Leaf table that I'll be putting in the living room. Man was it dirty. I cleaned and cleaned and the rags were so filthy, finally I got it all spiffed up. Now all I have to do is to move one table out of the living room to make room for this one to go beside my hubby's chair.

I enjoyed going to the new Antique shop and look forward to going again in the near future. I love browsing around in any Antique Shop, there's always so much to see and as usual so much to want.

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Friday, March 1, 2013

A New month.......already

It's just so hard to believe that we are already in March. The year is just flying by so fast. Hardly enough time in each day to get it all done. Truth be told, I don't get it all done.
How about you...enough time in your day, month or even year any more? The older I get, the years just seem to blur together.

Today I'm going to an Antique Shop in our town. I'm anxious to go since I've never been to this particular one before.
I'm going to enjoy this new day!
~I hope that each of you enjoy your new day as well
Tomorrow will come soon enough.

From the Heart,