Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wonderful gift from a fellow blogger

I just had to show you what I received in the mail yesterday from a fellow blogger and friend.
Linda from White Weathered Hutch sent me this adorable stuffed stocking. Isn't it just the cutest and it smells wonderful too. I just love it!
My new cute stocking is already adoring our Christmas tree. Every time I walk by the tree, I can't help but think of sweet Linda for sending me such a wonderful gift. It really touches my heart and brings a smile to my face. Isn't it wonderful the things that can happen in the blogging world. You can make new friends from all over the world.

One side of the stocking
See the little jingle bell at the toe~So cute!
 Other side

I don't know if Linda knows just how much she has touched my heart by making me such a wonderful present, but she has. This is the first gift that I've ever received from a blogger friend and will forever be remembered. Blogging sure has its perks!

Thanks so much for stopping by

From the Heart,


  1. This was so sweet, I love the stockings and the fabric.


  2. What a sweet stocking, and made precious by the fact that it was a gift! I think the absolute best part of blogging is the wonderful people you meet, the friends you make, the people who share their lives,as you share yours. Blogging is one of the best choices I have ever made! Blessings!

  3. What a wonderful friend you have in Linda! And the stocking is so lovely, both sides are very pretty. Yes, blogging opens up the world.
    Debbie :)

  4. That is so sweet. Blogging friends are so wonderful. Linda is a sweetheart for sending you this lovely treasure.


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