Monday, November 12, 2012

Walk Across Texas Final Update

Well, it's finally over. The last eight weeks have seemed like a marathon of all walks. It's been fun some days and hard others to find the time to walk. 
When my daughter and I first started walking for the WAT program, we decided to divide up the 830 miles that it would take to walk across Texas, giving each of us 415 miles to walk in 8 eights. If you know anything about the program, it's normally divided with 8 people/walkers. Being just the two of us, it's been a hard goal to reach on my end. I'm still not even sure how close I made it, even as I am typing up this post, I've not added up all eight weeks yet.

I will continue to do daily walks even though WAT has ended, though I believe 3-5 miles a day will be a nice exercise program to do. Some days it's just plan hard to find the time to do more than that. I've got it down to a fine art of walking 4 miles an hour. That's a pretty fast pace for me.

My total for Nov. 3rd thru Nov. 9th were 58.08 miles!

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Now for my grand total from the beginning, Sept 15th thru Nov. 9th was 371.75 miles!!

Well, I didn't make my goal of 415 miles, which is a bummer, but I did get fairly close. Sure makes me wish that I'd done more walking earlier in my first couple of weeks. Life gets in the way I suppose, toward the end I was walking 2-3 hours a day most days, which is a lot of time spent trying to reach my goal. It's hard for me to fit in those hours when there's always so much to do. 30/45 minutes a day walking, I can do. I sure hope that others that read this can find the time to put in a little walking/exercise each day. It does make you feel good and it's good for you!!

I hope that you've enjoyed reading about our adventure. My daughter, Molly, has been a real joy to walk with. We've shared some great times and lots of laughter on our walks. She has been my biggest supporter and encourager the entire time with her "Go to attitude". Pop over to read her blog to see how see did when you get a chance. I'm sure she will have her stats up soon, if she doesn't already. She would sure appreciate your visit.

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by!!

From the Heart,

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  1. You rock girl!! Way to go!! Yes I will drop by your daughters blog. Let me know if you have any allergies. Linda


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