Friday, November 16, 2012

Old window frames~New opportunities

I've not had a lot of time to blog lately but that doesn't mean things are slow around our place. New opportunities are on the horizon but I don't want to jink anything by spilling the beans to early. Just know that I'm super excited and nervous at the same time. Isn't it amazing how one can be so excited but so nervous when new things head their way? I suppose it's the fear of the unknown.
I'll share more later when I'm for sure that this new opportunity is a reality.

For now here is a project that I'm working on. Remember my stash of window frames, well I've pulled a couple more out of the stack and have been working on them. Can you believe that the frame below had five, yes 5 layers of paint that must be about 50+ years old on the frame? And just look at all the paint on the panes! I've gotten off all the paint and I've now added my own chippy style back to them. My husband ask me why on earth am I removing all the old chippy paint if I'm only going to put a new chippy look back on them. Maybe I'm the only one that does that, I don't know, but having old paint, lead based paint at that, chipping in my home is not what I would want. Plus I've ran into a couple of spiders and silverfish while cleaning off all the chipped paint from the frames. Don't want those in my home either!

old window frame chippy paint
The top left photo is the new chippy finish that I'm putting on the frame. I really like how it's turning out.
Anyway, I'll photo the finished frames when they are complete and show them to you later.

Here's another project that I'm working on. Isn't she a beauty?! Picked this chair up a GW last week. She has definitely seen better days. Looks like she might have been in someone's paint studio.
Lots of sanding to do on her before I can start painting.

 What color should I paint this one? I'm thinking something soothing and a little detail work on the back. Inspiration will hit when I start working on it but first I have to finish the window frames.

Thanks so much for stopping by~I hope you'll visit again soon.

From the Heart,

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