Saturday, November 17, 2012

Close encounters with a strange looking egg!

I just had to show you all this egg that we gathered today from one of our chickens. Have you ever seen such a thing?? We've gathered hundreds, no make it thousands of eggs over the years but this is a first. I've never seen one that had this texture or waviness to it. I wonder what caused it, do you know?

 This egg won't go into the pile that we eat but I am anxious to crack it open to see what it looks like on the inside.

I joked with my youngest son and told him that I knew which chicken had to have laid it. He asked how I would know such a thing when we have 36 chickens. It's easy, it's the one that doesn't have as many feathers as the rest of them, that she must have been cold when she laid it and was shivering. Ha, Ha!! We have had some fairly cold days lately. I don't know if he believed me or not but it sounded good to me. I did get a smile out of him though.

Really though, if anyone knows what would cause this, please let me know. I'm curious..Also this is not from a newly laying chicken either. She's been laying for two years now.

From the Heart,


  1. Not to worry, the egg will appear normal inside, and it is perfectly safe to eat. Sometimes older hens lay these "wrinkled" eggs, properly referred to as "checked", I believe. Sometimes it is because the egg white is thinner than normal(but still perfectly safe). If your whole flock was laying eggs like this, it could be a deficiency, but the occasional egg is not unusual. LOL at the feathers!!

  2. Oh, just be careful. they crack easily

  3. How very strange! I love your thinking on which chicken laid this egg! Funny!

  4. We've had a couple of eggs like that over the years. They are very thin skinned but like you, I won't eat them. However, my husband does (he's like 'Micky'...he eats anything) and they are fine.
    But I don't know what causes your shivering because of lack of feathers reasoning! lol
    Debbie :)

  5. Jana
    Oh, just be careful. they crack easily. I love your blog!!!

  6. So different looking. I would be afraid to eat it too. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.


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