Monday, October 22, 2012

Walk Across Texas week 5 update

 Where does time go? We've already finished with 5 weeks of regular walking on a daily basis. If you don't think the weeks fly by, just start walking and reporting it to others and you'll realize just how fast time passes by. I always feel as though I'm not doing enough.

This is going to be short and sweet.
My grand total for the week of Oct.13th thru Oct. 19th were 44.26 milesA tiny bit more than last week, but not by much.
Love my little Fitbit Ultra for keeping up with my miles.

If you've not been reading my posts about Walk Across Texas, click below to catch up on the details.

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Only three weeks left in the WAT program. I'd better get my walking shoes on and get busy!
Are you doing any daily walking for exercise?

From the Heart,


  1. Way to go Jana!!! I walk daily for exercise.
    We are on an acre so I walk the perimeter daily.
    I go around and around till I know that I have put in at least half an hour. The dogs are supposed to follow me, but they take shortcuts.

  2. That is a lot of miles you clocked last week--well done! I do walk nearly everyday--I have a treadmill that I use, and it works for me. I'm diabetic, and lately I've had such low bloodsugars that I couldn't get my walks in, and I really feel it in my body when I miss those workouts--stiff and sore! Onward and upward though!


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