Monday, October 15, 2012

Walk Across Texas week 4 update

 Happy Monday all!

I'm posting my info late this week because I didn't get on the net all weekend. We had two beautiful days with nice weather, so my time was spent outdoors, shopping, spending time with my family and also working on a little project that I will be posting about this week.

This past Friday marked the half-way mark for our Walk Across Texas program. Four weeks down and four to go!
My grand total for Oct. 6th thru Oct 12th were 42 miles!

If you've not been reading my posts about Walk Across Texas, click below to catch up on the details.

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Wish me luck on the second half~I really need to get in the groove and get more miles walked. Have you been doing any walking lately? It's great weather this time of year in our part of Texas. Not too hot or too cold.

Ta-ta for now. I'll post again next week with another update.

From the Heart,

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