Friday, September 14, 2012

Some Changes and Thrifty Finds

Do you notice a change to my page? I've wanted to change my background for several months now to make it more appealing, clean and crisp looking. I've played around with the background and colors until I finally have it how I like. What cha' think? Looking better than before?? Some of my pictures from prior post may be wonky, I don't know, will have to check it out and see.
Azure blue is one of my favorite colors, you could probably tell that if you've looked around at some of the projects that I did during the summer. Anywho~I'm liking the new fresh and clean look now.

On a different note, today I went to a garage sale and found some great items. The lady that had the sale used to do crafts so she had a lot to choose from. Here is what I managed to snag.
The Mother Load
Love these pretty salad plates
Lots of craft items, floral tape, pins,ribbon, etc.
Brand new table cloth, 6 pick napkins, 2 long table-runners and also 2 rose napkins
Tiny saucer that was "Made in America" 55 stamped on the back. Also 4 glass pink little dessert plates, you can see them in the first picture.
This entire box of new bows for only $1.00
Lots of other goodies. Samsonite suitcase with the keys~$2.00, 6 little terra cotta pots for $1.50, Wicker basket .75, Fall wreath $1.50, little bunch of flowers, fall decor leaves, 6 green foam balls~$1.00 
This was one fun garage sale. I spent a whopping $31.70 for all that you see. Oh, not pictured is a piece of Mahogany wood that my daughter wanted for a craft project that was $5.00. 

I don't run across sales like this often. I felt like I hit the mother-load when I walked away with my stash! Makes me want to go out to garage sales more often. But then again, I need to have a garage sale of my own! :0)

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  1. Love these finds and salad plates are just gorgeous.



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