Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Tool~Scroll Saw~Playing in the workshop

A couple of weeks ago, 3 to be exact, I came up with a new crafty project that I wanted to make. I laid in bed one night just thinking and thinking about my new project and how I would go about making it. The next morning I could barely wait for my husband to wake up to tell him about my plans and to see if there were some special tool that I needed to get the job done. I explained it all to him in all my excitement, told him I'd never seen anyone else do it. Was just giddy over all my plans. Then the big question. I asked him "What kind of tool do I need"? He told me that I would need a scroll saw. Great I said! Where is it in the shop?? His reply~"Honey,we don't have one like you need". Bummer to me. Oh well, Life goes on...

Well, later that day my sweet hubby surprised me with a new scroll saw. I had no idea that he went to town to find one for me. When he came back home, he set it all up in the workshop then sent me out find it in a surprising way. Ecstatic, I was indeed! (Picture little child jumping up and down with JOY on Christmas morning)

Here's a picture of my new tool.
Dremel Scroll Saw

See the little nozzle on the left. It is so neat. It puffs air to blow the saw-dust off your work area.

The speed can be adjusted and it also has a handy-dandy light.

My hubby even got me a couple of set of new saw blades. So I've been playing with my new scroll saw, just trying to get the feel for it and cutting up wood. Really been trying to perfect doing curves. That's a little tricky. This is going to take me sometime. Practice~Practice~Practice.

I can even angle the top to make rounded edge corners. Pretty neat, huh? Also look how thin it can cut. This is going to be a fun tool to play with. I have a ton of little scraps of wood that I've been practicing on.
It will be awhile before I get my new project completed. Trial and Error learning with my new tool but when it's complete, I'll be sure and share it. I can hardly wait.
Anyway, just wanted to share my excitement with you all about my new Scroll Saw. Well, 3 weeks old now but still new to me.
I hope I can find time this weekend to play with it.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

From the Heart,


  1. Oh my goodness ... you're just a regular handy-woman, I see. Awesome!

  2. That is so exciting! So wonderful that your hubby supports your ideas and aspirations. I can't wait to see what your special project is. Thanks for stopping by today and leaving me a sweet note about my happy little hedgehog and my kitchen bar. I'm always glad to know I'm not alone in regards to clutter. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. How exciting, Jana!! Can't wait to see the project that started it all.



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