Friday, September 7, 2012

My Daughter Started a Blog

My sweet 16 year old daughter, Molly, has started a blog one month ago today.
So today is her One Month Blogiversary !!  Let's help her celebrate.

Go check her out at 100% Molly Made. I'd sure appreciate it if you would give her a Big Welcome and  some Blog~Love.

She's a very talented and crafty girl. She has a style all her own and is such a great inspiration. I think if you take the time to visit her you will agree. She keeps herself busy with baking,crafting, cooking, photography and school.

You may remember me mentioning my daughter when we did this project together. While we were working on it, I kept saying to her that she should start a blog. She has a gift and should share it with others. I'm thrilled that she has decided to join the blog~world!

Here's a sneak peak at a few of her projects that she's done so far. See what else she's been up to at her blog.

This plaque that she made is so appropriate for who she is and how she goes about living her life.

Style all her own~Love how this turned out.
Molly can bake just about anything
Molly's latest project~Lots of thought went into how she wanted this chair to be in the end. I think she did a great job!

She's a true sweetheart and I've very proud that she's the girl that calls me "Mama". 

From the Heart,


  1. Hopping over to check out her blog right now :)

    1. Diya,
      Thank you for taking the time to go by and visit. The comment you left her made her day!

  2. How COOL! I went over and visited her. You must be so proud!

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  4. I found Molly first, then I found you. Molly is SO talented for such a young age and has AWESOME photograhpy skills. I love how at such a young age, she is focused and already inspirational to other people. I am sure you are very proud of Molly. What a true blessing in your life. I love that you can both share in your projects and that you have someone to hang out with and talk with about crafting, baking, DIY, etc. You two will be forever best friends ♥.

    ~ Lisa from Indiana ~


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