Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Birthday Gift from my daughter

I want to share something with you that is so special to me. Yesterday was my birthday and as one of my surprises my daughter made me the most special, cherished and lovely gifts that I've ever received. 
I'm telling you, this child of mine is just a sweetheart, through and through!

To give you a little detail on how the words on the plaque came to be. Several years ago, when I turned 40 (I'm not saying just how many) I joked and said nope, that I'm now 20/20. As the years keep passing by I just say I'm forty-something.

Take a look at what she created for me.
I am thrilled that she thinks that I'm the "Perfect" Mom.
Truth be told
 She is the Perfect daughter!

I can not think of a more treasured gift than to receive something handmade and from the heart of one of your children. This little plaque brought tears to my eyes and a warmth to my heart. It will be forever treasured!

From the Heart,


  1. I'm glad you really love it!! I'm also thrilled you think I'm the "perfect" daughter :). I truly enjoyed making this plaque for you Mom.
    I Love You,


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