Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sweet Sunday~Don Juan Roses

Yesterday was a hot day though I did pick a couple of my Don Juan roses, they are my favorite rose. I've had a Don Juan for as long as I can remember. The fragrance is so soft and sweet. We have a large Don Juan rose bush just as you enter our backyard so that is the first smell that you encounter when you enter. I also picked one lime from our bush.

The Ball jar I purchased last week at an Antique shop, I actually scored 5 of them. Yes, I was a happy camper and couldn't grab them up quick enough and place them on the counter to buy.

Don Juan Rose
I've been trying to learn how to use my camera more that on just the "Auto" setting, so I've been snapping pictures left and right of just about any setting inside the house and out. Really trying to be a better photographer~I use that term lightly.

Anyhow, after I uploaded the photo to  Picmonkey, then playing around that site, here's what I came up with on the second picture. Learn something new everyday!
I really like the contrast of leaving the rose petals and the lime their original color, then tracing over the word "Ball". Never taken the time to play around with changing pictures up~this could be fun.(Time consuming though) 

Hope you have a beautiful & sweet Sunday

From the Heart,

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