Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kitchen painted..other projects on the back burner

What started off as going to Lowe's to pick paint chips/samples out for the dining room turned into a paint job for the kitchen instead. We had painted the kitchen a while back a pretty light yellow (Valspar Warm Summer) but on one wall we painted an orange (Valspar Sassy Peach). Well, I do like the yellow but ever since we painted the one wall with the orange color,I've never liked it. In fact, I down right thought it was ugly but we had already purchased the paint and had it on the wall. It was a lot of work with all the cutting in that I just really didn't want to redo that wall even though I had such a dislike for the color.

Here's several of the samples that I picked up for the dining room. 

But, none of them made it to the dining room wall...the orange kitchen wall was screaming louder at me that it needed paint more. So I tried the sample of Sea Lily that I got on the orange wall...did not like it. Don't get me wrong, love the color, it just doesn't match our kitchen at all. I painted just a small section but knew right away that it just clashed with our oak cabinets and stainless steel appliances. I think the Sea Lily will be a great choice for the laundry room though.

Though now I had to paint the wall, couldn't leave it all blotched with paint now could I?  So I decided to go with the same color that we have on the other walls in the kitchen, the Warm Summer. So off to Lowe's again to pick up another gallon of paint.
I did get some help out of a couple of my kiddos. My 20 yr old son dropped by, so I put him to work. My 18 yr. old son helped too...he missed getting his photo as he was off picking up pizza for the family. It's nice to have some young eyes help with the painting, especially the "cutting in" around all the cabinets and ceiling. I was happy to feed them pizza!!

I will still probably paint the dining room, just not this week. And I may even go with the Warm Summer color in there too, since it adjoins the kitchen area. At the moment it's an olive green (Can't find my paint card for the correct name) I like the color but it really clashes with the music room color that you can see right around the corner. I don't know what I was thinking a couple of years ago, every room in our home is a different color. Now a days, I'm not liking the multi-mix so much. I'll share photos of the complete kitchen soon, still have some finishing touches to do.

Another project that we've been thinking about lately is changing out all the tile in the kitchen on the counter-tops. We have 4" white tile with a few accent tiles scattered about. Still a little undecided about what we want, there are so many choices out there. I do want something durable, that won't scratch and also something that can handle hot pots. Though I do know that I don't want white tile again and the grout is getting so tiresome to care for, So no white tile for me anymore!! Earth tones sound nice to me and will go with our cabinets and our stained concrete floors.

Another project in the works is changing out my kitchen island. The new one is built and ready for us to install, the hold up is deciding on what I want on the top. Here are a few of the choices that we're pondering. Solid surface counter tops.
I really like the Aqua~Think it would blend in without everything looking blah!

There are so many things that I want to change and if money were no object, I would have changed everything "like yesterday". Alas, I haven't found that money tree yet, so all in good time.
                                         All in good time

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  1. I like the color choice! Nice to have some helpers around I'm sure. :) Megan


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