Friday, July 27, 2012

Texas Size Fire Ant

So the saying is "Every thing is Bigger in Texas" Well, I do believe that is a true statement. Look what we found that decided to just waltz his way into our house. We caught him right at the doorway...yes...lucky us! Can you imagine getting stung by that huge stinger? It would leave a Texas size whelp for sure.
 It looks the size of a small dog, but actually it was a little over an inch. That's still BIG for an ant.

Texas size Fire Ant

I've seen a lot of these Fire Ants this year for some reason. They are extremely hard to kill, you can take your foot (with a shoe on your foot for sure,best not be bare footed) and squash and twist your heel into them and they still manage to muster up the strength to run away from you. (Lovers of ants~Please don't turn me into the Humane Society of Ants)

Not sure if they are actually called Fire Ants, I've lived in Texas all my life and this is what most folks call them. Get stung by one and it stings like fire, that is for sure! Their true name is a Velvet Ant.

That's the happenings at my house today. Exciting news~eh?? 

From the Heart,


  1. Oh my Jana, that ant is huge. Thank goodness you were able to get to it before it got to you!

  2. My understanding is that they are actually wingless wasps. I believe our exterminator told me that. It is not what is generally called a fire ant, which are fairly small but build large mounds.

  3. Gussie,
    They are a wingless wasp, I was reading about them the other day. That's probably why they sting like fire when they get you. Their real name I believe is a Velvet Ant (farther down in post) but I've always known them as fire ants my whole life. It sure stings like fire that's for sure. Thanks for stopping by.


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