Thursday, June 7, 2012

I'm a Pot Addict so my family says

There, I said it. It's official that I am a pot addict. It started off innocently enough, first it was small pots then I moved on up to medium sized ones, now it's the big, giganormous ones. My daughter has told me several times this week that I am addicted to pots. It seems that every where we go that I'm on the lookout for new ones.
You see, I needed some larger pots for 4 Palm trees that my hubby bought for me as a surprise a couple of weeks ago. Now, finding large pots is a very hard thing to do I've found out. Lowe's nor Home Depot had any large enough for the new plants. Well, I do take that back, Lowe's had one that was on the larger side for $187.00 (ouch) that wasn't as large as the ones that I got.

While we were out of town this last weekend I found two of the large planters. But we were only able to carry two in the back of the truck, that's how big they are. So yesterday we made a 260 mile round trip back with the trailer behind my hubby's truck to pick up more planters for my addiction.

Here are some pictures of a few of my new planters.

These 3 pots were the only ones that I got at Lowes. Not pictured is a 4th one.
Love the Pineapple design of these. I'll show you tomorrow what I planted in them earlier today.
These are nice large green ones. I think I'll plant 2 of the Palms in them.
This brown one is huge!!
I've already planted one of the palm trees in this one below. One of the 2 that fit on the first trip.
Another Palm went into this one. Here's the second one that fit.
I love the detail of this hand painted planter. I'll show you what I put into this one tomorrow too.
At the moment I think I'm cured of needing any more pots. The hard work has begun~filling them all up with new plants.

Please tell me there are more people out there like me because my husband swears that I'm the only one that could be so obsessed, addicted or whatever you want to call it over pots.

Really though, don't you just love them all??

From the Heart,

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  1. Yes, I do. They are all beautiful.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class


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