Monday, May 7, 2012

Bananas...Growing your own

This weekend I noticed that we have a new banana bell growing on one of our banana plants. The timing is so early this year to get one. Normally it isn't until later in the Summer months. I suppose it has a lot to do with the shorter winter that we had and also the fact that I didn't cut the plants down in the fall of last year like I usually do.
We have grown banana plants for several years and have enjoyed growing the little bananas. Every year we cut the plants down to about 24 inches in height. A lot of folks dig up their plants and store them in their garages. We have about 60 plants so it's just easier to cut them short then bury them with mulch for the winter months.
So far this year, I have plants that are about 15 foot tall. Last year in the month of May they were about 2 foot with only a leave or two on the plant. I'm really enjoying the beauty of the plants early this year and the wonderful shade they put off.
The below photo taken on May 6th.

You can see under the red bell leaf that is peeling back the little banana fingers. This close up picture is on day two (May 7th). Banana plants quickly change, really day by day you notice huge differences. Soon there will be several groups of little fingers growing. The bell drips a very sticky substance all day. Normally we get about 40 bananas to each plant that grows a bell. I won't know for a couple of days how many we will receive off this plant.
I'm very excited to have our first bananas of the year showing already. I just had to share. I'll take photos day by day and share them next week to show just how fast these wonderful plants change so quickly when growing bananas.

If you've never grown banana plants, their very easy to grow. Give them lots of water and plenty of fertilizer and they grow magnificently. I fertilize weekly, which seems like a lot to most people, but I've noticed you never have to worry about burning the roots/tubers by over-fertilizing.
We really enjoy the beauty they give us around our pool area. It looks so tropical. And I didn't have to go anywhere except my back yard. You just can't beat that. :0)

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  1. Wow! That's wonderful. I wish we could grow banana plants here.

  2. I recently saw a loquat plant and thought of you! I'd never heard of nor seen one before you wrote about it.
    I dream of having my own little tropical paradise in my backyard. Our yard is very small...I'm trying to think outside the box to see if I can make it happen.
    Thanks for sharing at Show & Tell.
    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

    1. Sharon,
      Here's hoping you find a way to have your little tropical paradise.
      The loquat trees are one of my favorites, glad you finally seen one.

  3. Hello again, Jana. Just stopped by to say hi, and join your blog. I know you like tomato sandwiches, but do you like banana sandwiches...I do! White bread, mayo and a ripe banana. My hubby adds peanut butter to his. ;)

    1. Oh my goodness, I've never had a banana sandwich like that. I do love a peanut butter and banana, sometimes even grill them like a grilled cheese and add chocolate chips to it. Yummy!
      I'll have to try one like you make them soon.
      Thanks for joining my blog. :0)


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