Friday, April 20, 2012

Unusual hail storm today

Strange weather today
Hail Storm

The weather the last month has been some what different for this time of year. Lots of rain, practically ever other day we've been getting rain. But today, we received a hail storm! And wouldn't you know it happened about an hour after I got everything set up for continuing my painting project. 

I had the saw horses pulled out under the garage with my project sitting on top of them just working away when the sky started getting a little dark. So I came in the house to check the weather and sure enough we were under a severe weather alert...again. When I looked at the weather last night we only had a 30% chance of rain today...let me tell you it turned into 100% . 
It first started with a little rain and then the heavens opened up and poured a hail storm. It was quite scary sounding especially since we have a metal roof. Anyway, I had to take my project off the sawhorses, put everything back up and move everything back in order under the garage so that my hubby would be able to park his vehicle when he got home. He ended up getting stuck in the hail storm downtown and took cover under a metal awning. Long story short...No working on my project again today. You just can not paint when it is raining or hailing for that matter.

I doubt that I make my 25th deadline date that I set for myself. This has been a lesson to me not to write a certain date for completion. Mother nature is not working with me on my painting project. Until I can continue on painting, I guess I will have to find something else to get done. Which reminds me...the laundry is calling my name. :0)

From the Heart,


  1. Frustrating when Mother Nature does not cooperate with our projects and deadlines :)

    1. So, so true. I hope you've having a wonderful Friday. :0)

  2. The has indeed been strange. We've had two hail storms recently. They are a bit scary, especially when the hail is hitting all of your windows. And I wan't expected the thunderstorms and severe weather alert today either. Do we live in the same area?

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  3. Sharon,
    We do live fairly close, I'm about 120 miles north of where you are. (Small world) Every now and then I like to go to The Woodlands to do some shopping. A couple of the stores that I really like to browse when in your area are Garden Ridge and Marshall's.
    It would be fun to get together sometime.

  4. Yes! Please look me up when you are in town. Garden Ridge burned down in the Fall. :(
    I really miss it.

  5. Oh my goodness...did it really. I hate to hear that, I found Garden Ridge about two years ago when I was visiting there, thought it was such a neat store. Just 2 weeks ago was talking to my hubby about going to Garden Ridge...guess that is out of the question now. Oh well, there are still plenty of stores there to shop.
    Next time I make it that way maybe we can get together. Sounds fun. :0)

  6. There might be a Garden Ridge in Willis or Conroe if you're coming in from 45N. I'd meet you there!

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class


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