Friday, April 27, 2012

Spa and Concrete Bar-B-Q area (part 2)

Yesterday was a long day making sure that everything was ready for when the concrete delivery truck arrived. If you missed yesterday's post you can read it here.

My hubby and sons had to make sure that the forming was done correctly, had to add a drain for water run-off so that it wouldn't collect on the concrete when it got wet, among lots of other little things that had to be tended to.
We hired two guys to help with the concrete when it was poured. That is a lot of work, shoveling and pulling and pushing the concrete in all directions and also making sure that it is all level. Talk about a muscle building workout!

Let's see I left off here~Concrete is being delivered.

 First pour from the concrete truck.

One of my sons helping~boots covered in concrete.

Still has form boards on~they will be taken off shortly.

This is where the retaining wall is needed.
Charlie, the cat, is checking out the drain hole.

Cinder blocks being set for the retaining wall with re-bar drove into slab/ground

A peek at the brick that we're laying around the Bar-B-Q area.

It has been a busy, busy day. 
Needless to say, I've not gotten around to finishing my other project that I have going. Remember, the one that I was hoping to have finished by the 25th. Right now, there is no crafting for me and also very little cooking (sad as it is) until our back yard project is complete. Hopefully sometime next week I'll be able to get back to my other project. Until then, you can find me in the back yard working. One of my favorite places to be.

Soon, I'll reveal the finished area~that is when we get it finished.

From the Heart,


  1. Hi Jana,
    I just knew while reading the blog and seeing the cat what was going to happen. New concrete plus cat equals a disaster. Paw prints, not counting concrete all over the cat.. But to my surprise no mishaps.. Yea! Congrats on your bbq area.. It is looking good.

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