Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spa and Concrete Bar-B-Q area (part 1)

We are onto another project in our backyard.

It seems like lately that we don't finish one project before starting the next. Is anyone else like that?

You see, it all started when my hubby went by a Spa store. He came home and then convinced me that we needed one so at the end of the day we could sit back and relax. Relax~is there such a word when we're into so many projects around here?
I have to admit, it sounds good. So we went to the store this past weekend, picked out which spa that we wanted, paid for it and had it delivered Tuesday. Well, between the weekend and delivery we decided that we had to change just about everything under our pavilion so the spa would fit nicely and not have water everywhere in the pavilion every time someone used the spa.

First thing we had to do was remove the half walls on three sides of the pavilion, which my hubby installed just last year. Then he had to dig a trench and lay new electrical wires for the Spa. Then we decided that another concrete entry into the spa would be better than having lots of water under the pavilion so that area had to be dug up and form boards laid for concrete to be poured. Then in our thinking our project evolved into something bigger. We thought since we're having more concrete poured anyway that we would like to have a Bar-B-Q area also with a nice little walkway out to it. Also wouldn't it be nice to have bricks laid around the Bar-B-Q area on three sides and while were at it, the slope in our backyard also needs a retaining wall built.

So the job begins~Is there an end...I don't know. It seems like when we start a small project (like getting a spa) it always turns into a major ordeal. I'm going to love the new area though when it is finished.

Here are a couple of pictures of the work in progress:

Cedar half walls taken out so that spa could be delivered.

Pavilion cleaned out of most of the furniture so that we can begin the work. My little Yorkie, Libby had to get in on the fun.

Trench dug for new electrical line to feed the spa.

Forming up the area for concrete.

Area beside spa to catch water from feet in and out.

Walkway out to the Bar-B-Q area.
Concrete is being delivered today. I'll be back tomorrow with more pictures.
Yes, can hardly wait until the relax part of this project is happening.

From the Heart,

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  1. Lol - it sounds just like us when we start a "small" project. I am sure it will be wonderful and well worth it when you are done. Can't wait to see the pics :)


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