Thursday, April 12, 2012

Is this a bargain~Really Now

This made me laugh....

My husband loves going through the advertisements from sellers through our local thrifty paper. It's like Craig's List online in our little community. Anyhow, below is the ad that he came across that made me laugh. All information is as printed except for omitting the phone # of course.


200+ reddish Landscaping Bricks, used 10 years, paid $1.78, want $1.25 each Ph.# 000-000-0000



Is it just me... do bricks not depreciate in value over a 10 year period?
I'm envisioning someone sitting with their receipt in their hand from 10 years ago to know what they gave for each brick. And just think...only 10 years of use. Ummm... Did they un-earth each of their bricks or maybe un-stack them because they just never used them. I have the same bricks that the person is advertising and it boggles my brain why I would think that I could get $1.25 each AFTER 10 years of use. That would mean that I would have used only 0.053 cents worth of use each year from each brick. That's five cents!!

Oh well, my 2 cents (sense) tells me I'd better just pass on this deal. 

From the Heart,


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  1. Hi Jana, stumbled upon your blog and enjoyed it so much. Hope you tons of success with your blog. I am new also. I know it takes time to build your blog and so I would like very much if you could come and see me when you get a chance.
    Thanks for sharing your recipes. I love loquat! It has been years since I have had one. I am now one of your followers.


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