Monday, April 16, 2012

Good Monday morning~weekend up-date

 Good Monday morning everyone!

I hope you had a great weekend and was able to enjoy your days. We spent the better part outside working in the yard getting some planting done and regular maintenance. The weather here was quite breezy for the last two days and pretty stormy late yesterday evening.

I was able to get my pepper,tomato and squash plants in the ground. Also was able to get some new seeds planted for zucchini that I will put out in a week or so. Our corn, purple-hull peas and pinto beans are all looking good. I'm sure the rain that we got yesterday will help them to grow even more.

Went to Lowe's again...don't you just love that store? I really have to restrain myself when I'm there.  I did found a couple more pots for some of my herbs, got those transplanted also.

Another project that was done this weekend was that my hubby extended the canopy over my raised bed area. He built onto the existing one and made it another 25 feet long in covered space for me. I LOVE IT! Now it will be able to shade my tomato plants. With the Texas sun, they will sure need it. Maybe I'll get around to posting pictures of it sometime this week.

Although I was able to get a lot done in the yard, I wasn't able to get a thing done on my painting project that I have going. There's just not enough hours in a day and most of the time I just have to pick what's more important to accomplish first. This weekend it had to be the yard. There is rain in the forecast for today, so I doubt there will be any painting going on around least for today that is.

Oh, here is another up-date on the lettuce. Man oh man, that stuff grows! We are really enjoying fresh lettuce for our salads and sandwiches.

So, how was your weekend? Was you able to do what you wanted?

From the Heart,


  1. Hi Jana~
    Your garden sounds wonderful! We can't plant here this early so your lettuce is a feast for the eyes! Thanks for stopping in & leaving me a message about my shabby chic lamp!!

  2. It was stormy last Sunday night here too. I'm really starting to think we live in the same area...or at least I hope we do. It would be so fun to get together.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class


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