Monday, March 5, 2012

Planting some veggies and fruits

I've been MIA for that last several weeks. That doesn't mean that I've been sitting around not doing a thing, I've been quite busy. Planting season in upon us, so I've been busy with that. The weather has been great the last couple of days, it's hard to keep me in the house when it's so beautiful out.

I've been busy planting seeds, transplanting plants and generally getting the outside in better condition. Raking leaves and pulling weeds. I just love it!
Lettuce, broccoli and cauliflower are in the ground. Looking good so far.

Got 72 strawberry plants planted in some loamy soil. We love strawberries around here, so we're looking forward to these producing us some little juicy jewels.  

Also got a couple of hundred tomato seeds planted in the greenhouse. Waiting for those little babies to come up. Will post photos when they do.

I love working outside-it's one of my favorite things to do. How about you, are you getting ready for spring planting?

From the Heart,



  1. We've been planting for the past two weeks. Today I planted corn seeds. We had a frost a few nights ago. It burned a few of the cabbage plants, but I think they'll be ok.

  2. We planted corn yesterday. Crossing fingers that all the rain that we are expecting over the next couple of days don't wash the seeds out. Glad the frost didn't harm to many of your cabbage plants.


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