Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mint~The Herb That Takes Over~

This is the view of my mint that I've desperately tried to get rid of for the last 3 years. You see, I had an herb garden here a couple of years ago but after a frost I'd lost my Rosemary plants and then decided that I would just do away with this area for herbs and put in a quaint little flower bed in since it is right off the walkway that leads up to the door of our home. I pulled all the mint out thinking that would do the trick, and planted some cute flowers, but it grew back thick and lovely choking out all my flowers and killing them. The next time, I took our little tiller and tilled the soil until it was soft and powdery thinking for sure that would do the trick. Nope~ Nada~ No-way. It grew back again. So, I thought maybe it just needs to be tilled again so that's what I did. Now, do you see the picture. YEP~that is mint again choking out my flowers as it grows. I've already cleared out about half the mint before taking the photo. You just can't kill the stuff. Not that I have a thing against growing mint, I love mint. It smells wonderful. I just want it to grow where I want it to not where it is now.

So today, I pulled ALL the mint out again. I did save about 5 sprigs in pots just to keep the little beast contained. Now this time, I've laid a weed barrier and then covered with about 5 inches of mulch. Do I think that that did the trick, I doubt it. Maybe I should have gone with 10 inches.

The reason I'm posting all of this is because I'm seeing so many people planting herbs now that Spring has hit and I just want to warn you. Don't plant mint just anywhere. Plant it where you won't mind it taking over. And I mean taking over. This stuff grows and grows and spreads and spreads to where it is a nightmare! Better yet, just plant it in a container, you'll be happy you did.

For now, I'll bask in the glory of all the mint pulled out but I'm sure it still growing underneath all my weed barrier and mulch just lurking in the nice dark soil. Instead of flowers, this time I've planted a Loquat tree in their place. If the mint does grow back maybe it won't choke my tree to death. We shall see.

Remember, Mint.... it's the herb to think long and strong about where you want it to grow. You've been warned. Now I feel much better.

From the Heart,

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