Thursday, March 29, 2012

Loquat Tree~A new home for it

Remember yesterdays post about my Mint saga that I've had going on for three years. Well, today I wanted to share what we did with the area. A Loquat tree has been planted in the circle area beside our walkway. I love Loquat trees. They're great evergreen trees and the fruit that you get from them has a nice sweet flavor. It's a mixture of mango, peach and citrus. 
My teenage son helped to do a lot of the heavy work on this project.

We have several Loquat trees in our front yard. They're a fairly fast growing ornamental tree. I know that I'll have to keep the new one that we planted trimmed so that it doesn't get too big. But I think that it's going to look great once it is established and has a few more branches to it. 

Here's what the fruit of the tree looks like now. We will get to pick it in May. The trees start to fruit in October with a little white flower then turns into a greenish fuzzy ball but turns into a yellow/orange color when its picking time.
Our trees are loaded with Loquats.

I really like how the area has turned out. Here's crossing my fingers and toes that the mint doesn't grow back. Hey, a girl can wish can't she.

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