Thursday, March 22, 2012

Copper bed warmer~before & after

Recently I was at an antique shop browsing around. Don't you just love to go looking through all the antiques? Anyway, just before I was about to leave I seen an old pie case with the bottom door about half way open. That's when I spotted the bed warmer. At first I didn't have a clue what it was, until I read the tag that is. I just knew I had to have it when I found out it was a bed warmer. I had read about them in story books to my children when they were younger and thought it would be so neat to have one. It was my splurge of the day. I spent $89.00 plus tax. I didn't even care if it was a good deal or not because I'd never seen one in my life and probably never will again. 
I would love to know who's feet or bed this thing has warmed. Oh, the stories it could probably tell. And where did it get it dents from. Some little old woman dropping it because it was too hot to hold or maybe some wife throwing it at her husband for some unknown reason. Who knows...I think the dents in it give it character.

Here it is before cleaning it up. It looks like a giant flat potato to me.

First I started with using Brasso but quickly decided that was taking too long. Then my hubby mentioned why not use the buffing machine he has in his shop. Wow, that machine really does a good job and I must say a whole lot quicker than rubbing by hand. It has a buffing wheel that spins and you have to coat the cotton wheel with a grease/wax stick to make a nice polished finish on your item. I had to take off the side bars to be able to hold the warmer just right for it to buff the curves. You have to use a wax stick, ours had a reddish color. I did learn one thing. Next time I decide to buff copper I'll wear something to cover my face and hair. I would post a picture of my face but don't want you to spit out whatever your drinking onto your computer screen due to uncontrollable hysterical laughter . Just picture a fair skinned girl that was just given an instant reddish tan and a new hair color. ha`ha. I will admit that I did wear googles to protect my eyes. Are you picturing me yet?? Yes, it was a sight to see. Little did I know until I looked in the mirror that the wax sticks to people! Live and learn....

Polishing wheel

Waxy grease stick (note color~rusty red)

Here's a picture of it all polished. Looks much shinier!

I adore my old/new little bed warmer. I've even tried it out and it works like a charm to warm your feet.
It's the little things that make me happy! How about you? What little insignificant item brings you joy?

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  1. What a fun find! I love to imagine the history behind my antique/vintage finds as well.

  2. The warmer looks new and shining. Awesome job dear! And yeah, I still trying to imagine how did you look during the process LOL!!

  3. What an incredible find! Bed warmers always remind me of Samantha Stevens of Bewitched. Do you remember that show? Or am I dating myself?? I'm with's the little things that make me the happiest. Thanks for sharing this treasure at Show & Tell.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

    1. Sharon,
      Yes I do remember Bewitched, it was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid. I always wished that I could twitch my nose to just have everything appear the way that I wanted. Such a pity it doesn't work that way. :0)

  4. Oh my! I think my husband has one of those buffers in his garage! I never thought of doing that. He collects antique copper items and it seems like I'm the one doing the clean up on hand! UGH! Thanks for the tip and thanks for visiting me! I'm following you on Linky Followers now! xo wendy

    ps..I need some help with my greenhouse...have you posted about it?
    going to look now.

    1. Now you can get your hubby's buffer to do the work much faster. But take it from me, cover yourself (face and hair) if you don't want to end up a greasy waxy mess! :0)
      I haven't posted anything about my greenhouse though I did take a few pictures this week of stuff growing. Planning on posting them in a couple of days.
      Thanks for following..I hope that I post some useful tips. I'll be back to your blog to follow along with how your "Greenhouse Saga" continues.

  5. That is so neat. I have never heard of a bed warmer til now. And I love anything copper. What a great find!

  6. I'm the copper polisher here. ;-) Your copper bed warmer was a good find.


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