Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hubby's Generator Re-do

My hubby is a handy kind of guy, so I thought I'd would show you what he's been working on lately.
He's been thinking about getting a different generator to power the house when the electricity goes out, which unfortunately around here seems to be quite often. (I swear every time the wind blows or a squirrel runs across the lines it goes out). Anyway, he wanted one that he could hook up to the back of our tractor instead of the one that we already have that is a smaller version. The one that we've been using is great but it won't power the entire house, it just does lights and keeps the refrigerators and freezers working but NO air condition. Let me tell you that is a major thing when you live in Texas. We love our air conditioning!

So here is what he started with. An old rusty generator that he seen advertised in the newspaper that someone had to sell. It has been sitting outside for 5 years. It's a 1985 Winpower generator.

He took the front and sides off and gutted the inside. In there were lots of ants! Live ants and about 20 old wasp and dirt dobber nests. But the ants were definitely alive and biting.
Upon further inspection there were several spots on the compartments that had rusted completely through leaving holes.
He took everything apart and sand-blasted all the metal work with his handy dandy sand blaster that he purchased from Harbor Freight. Neat tool that is! The old rusty trailer came with the purchase of the generator.

To patch the holes from rust he used this product after he sand-blasted. He let it sit till dry. The can says 30 minutes but it was still tacky so he waited till the next day when it was completely dry before he sanded it down with the hand sander.
Then comes the trusty Rust-Oleum paint that he got from Lowe's in both red and yellow (only showing the red here).
Wah-la...Doesn't this look so much better??!!

Like a shiny new car.
He ordered decals from the manufacture of the generator and replaced them. He also had to replace all the nuts & bolts and the wiring. He went to Tractor Supply and purchased the 3 point hook-up lifting frame that he bolted the generator to which attaches to the tractor. Didn't want to use the old rusty trailer that came with it.

He hooked it up and all is fine. Works great! Now the next time we lose electricity, hooking up power to the house will be much easier for my hubby.
Handy dandy, my husband is, don't you think.

From the Heart,