Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Scenes of the work shop or should be called "Shop that needs work"

Today I decided to go out to the workshop and this is the scene.
It made me think "Oh no, we've been robbed"! Then I was brought back to reality that this IS what it looks like at all times.
It's a wreck, how in the world am I suppose to start on the project that I have planned. I need at least a 6'x6' area to work in. And that would be a cramped space. Lots of great tools and lots of space but no where to work.

Here is another view. 1000 sq foot area and I don't think I have a 2 foot square to work in. Before I start sanding on my antique drop leaf table I've got to clear a spot.

If you don't think I'm squeezed for room, did you notice the thing on the ceiling in the first photo? That's right, when you run out of room just start hanging pictures from the ceiling. Here are a couple that my hubby bought and hung a couple of years ago. I still see the price tag on them. :0)
It's like having a sky light seeing the Eagle fly by. ha,ha

I have my work cut out for me to clear an area to work in. I think I've have to enlist the help from a few other culprits around here that helped to get it in the shape it's in now.

Does anyone else have a workshop that looks like this? Please say that we aren't the only ones.

From the Heart,


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