Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Tools~Yea baby!

I finally got some sand paper but after returning home the hubby told me that the last time he used the sander it died on him. So here I was with sandpaper in hand and no sander.

Imagine my surprise when he came home today with this surprise. A 5" and a 6" sander with plenty of sanding discs from Lowe's. First thing I did was plug it in and grab an old window frame (from the many that I got at a salvage yard last year) and start sanding away. Oh, pure JOY!
It's amazing what a few new power tools can do to you. Makes me want to go around just sanding away.

Can you tell that I'm just giddy over my new sanders?! I'm one happy camper at the moment.

Well, back to work.

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