Monday, January 16, 2012

Making a list~So many projects

I wanted to sit down and make a list of some of the projects that I would like to get done in the near future. I say near future, but around here that could be anywhere within the next year or two and beyond.

The other day when I went to the hardware store I picked up quite a few different material items for several different projects. I purchased some primer for a dresser that I want to re-do. Also picked up penetrol that I will use for whenever I get around to re-doing said dresser. Still don't have a clue as to what color I would like the dresser to be in the end. I'll have to come back to that another day.

I also picked up some liquid nails for several outdoor projects that I've been mulling over for awhile now. Specifically, a mosaic birdbath and some flower pots.

Also picked up some Loctite for a glass project that I would like to do.

Got some Rustoleum spray paint for an outdoor table that I picked up at a garage sale last summer. (have never gotten around to that project either).

See why I need a list...
My mind is all over the place with all the projects that are on my mind.
At least I need an method to the madness. So I'll do that.

I think that I'll start with working on an antique drop leaf table that I have. It needs to be completely redone. Has scratches and a large water mark on the top. So there...I've said it, well at least now I've written it.. so the table will be the project that I will begin with this week. Now I just need to go back to the hardware store to pick up some sandpaper and a mask.

Stay tuned!

From the Heart,

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