Friday, January 6, 2012

A little yard work-Cleaning out the old & putting in the new

Today when I got up it was such a beautiful day. The temperature reached 75 degrees, which is warm for the first week of January. I absolutely love this kind of weather. Wish it lasted year-round. It's one of those kinds of days that it's just too hard to stay indoors so I decided that I would work in the yard some while we had the great weather.
Our yard needs lots of attention, but one thing that I wanted to get done was to pull the weeds in the little planting area right off the doorway. Weeds had taken it over. While pulling them I noticed that our castle wall had just about gotten buried into the earth. It's not much of a castle wall since it's only one brick high but I'll still call it that. :0) So that's when the real project began.

So I enlisted the help from my daughter. We pulled up all the c
oncrete edgers so that we could straighten them back up and get them level again. It amazes me how they got pretty much buried. I guess it has something to do with people kids walking on them. :0) Also added some more dirt to the area, some really nice compost dirt that I've worked at for a couple of years. More on that in a later post. Anyway, I am proud by the end of the day that we were able to get it all back looking nice and level. Now all I need to do it plant something in there so it doesn't look so bare. But until then, I'm going to enjoy the one weed free area in the yard.

I wished I would have taken a picture before we got started so you could see how bad it started out, but here is one in the middle of the project.

My hubby had to go to the garden store today, so while there he picked up some pansies to plant. They do look a lot better than the weeds that were there.

What cha think, look better?

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