Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Tools~Yea baby!

I finally got some sand paper but after returning home the hubby told me that the last time he used the sander it died on him. So here I was with sandpaper in hand and no sander.

Imagine my surprise when he came home today with this surprise. A 5" and a 6" sander with plenty of sanding discs from Lowe's. First thing I did was plug it in and grab an old window frame (from the many that I got at a salvage yard last year) and start sanding away. Oh, pure JOY!
It's amazing what a few new power tools can do to you. Makes me want to go around just sanding away.

Can you tell that I'm just giddy over my new sanders?! I'm one happy camper at the moment.

Well, back to work.

From the Heart


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Scenes of the work shop or should be called "Shop that needs work"

Today I decided to go out to the workshop and this is the scene.
It made me think "Oh no, we've been robbed"! Then I was brought back to reality that this IS what it looks like at all times.
It's a wreck, how in the world am I suppose to start on the project that I have planned. I need at least a 6'x6' area to work in. And that would be a cramped space. Lots of great tools and lots of space but no where to work.

Here is another view. 1000 sq foot area and I don't think I have a 2 foot square to work in. Before I start sanding on my antique drop leaf table I've got to clear a spot.

If you don't think I'm squeezed for room, did you notice the thing on the ceiling in the first photo? That's right, when you run out of room just start hanging pictures from the ceiling. Here are a couple that my hubby bought and hung a couple of years ago. I still see the price tag on them. :0)
It's like having a sky light seeing the Eagle fly by. ha,ha

I have my work cut out for me to clear an area to work in. I think I've have to enlist the help from a few other culprits around here that helped to get it in the shape it's in now.

Does anyone else have a workshop that looks like this? Please say that we aren't the only ones.

From the Heart,


Monday, January 16, 2012

Making a list~So many projects

I wanted to sit down and make a list of some of the projects that I would like to get done in the near future. I say near future, but around here that could be anywhere within the next year or two and beyond.

The other day when I went to the hardware store I picked up quite a few different material items for several different projects. I purchased some primer for a dresser that I want to re-do. Also picked up penetrol that I will use for whenever I get around to re-doing said dresser. Still don't have a clue as to what color I would like the dresser to be in the end. I'll have to come back to that another day.

I also picked up some liquid nails for several outdoor projects that I've been mulling over for awhile now. Specifically, a mosaic birdbath and some flower pots.

Also picked up some Loctite for a glass project that I would like to do.

Got some Rustoleum spray paint for an outdoor table that I picked up at a garage sale last summer. (have never gotten around to that project either).

See why I need a list...
My mind is all over the place with all the projects that are on my mind.
At least I need an method to the madness. So I'll do that.

I think that I'll start with working on an antique drop leaf table that I have. It needs to be completely redone. Has scratches and a large water mark on the top. So there...I've said it, well at least now I've written it.. so the table will be the project that I will begin with this week. Now I just need to go back to the hardware store to pick up some sandpaper and a mask.

Stay tuned!

From the Heart,

Saturday, January 14, 2012

What's the hold up?

So it's been a cold rainy wet week since my last post. So that pretty much means that I've gotten around to not starting on any of the projects that are on my list. I have been putting lots of stuff in the dumpster bin though. Trying to clean out some.

But I did have some fun this weekend. Went to the local hardware store (Lowe's) and browsed the aisles looking at all the paints, stains, sealers and an array of other items. My buggy was filling up with all these things. My husband looked at me a couple of times like I had lost my mind. He asked what I was planning to do. That's when I named off about a dozen projects that I wanted to get done. He just smiles and says "Sounds great"
I guess he knows me---huge plans but finding the time to get on them is a different matter.

I'll start them soon. I promise..really I do. :0)

From the Heart,


Friday, January 6, 2012

A little yard work-Cleaning out the old & putting in the new

Today when I got up it was such a beautiful day. The temperature reached 75 degrees, which is warm for the first week of January. I absolutely love this kind of weather. Wish it lasted year-round. It's one of those kinds of days that it's just too hard to stay indoors so I decided that I would work in the yard some while we had the great weather.
Our yard needs lots of attention, but one thing that I wanted to get done was to pull the weeds in the little planting area right off the doorway. Weeds had taken it over. While pulling them I noticed that our castle wall had just about gotten buried into the earth. It's not much of a castle wall since it's only one brick high but I'll still call it that. :0) So that's when the real project began.

So I enlisted the help from my daughter. We pulled up all the c
oncrete edgers so that we could straighten them back up and get them level again. It amazes me how they got pretty much buried. I guess it has something to do with people kids walking on them. :0) Also added some more dirt to the area, some really nice compost dirt that I've worked at for a couple of years. More on that in a later post. Anyway, I am proud by the end of the day that we were able to get it all back looking nice and level. Now all I need to do it plant something in there so it doesn't look so bare. But until then, I'm going to enjoy the one weed free area in the yard.

I wished I would have taken a picture before we got started so you could see how bad it started out, but here is one in the middle of the project.

My hubby had to go to the garden store today, so while there he picked up some pansies to plant. They do look a lot better than the weeds that were there.

What cha think, look better?

From the Heart,


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Step One-Declutter

If you are looking for some pictures of an awesome project that I've been working on, yea, so am I. Sad to say, there aren't any yet.

Wait, here's a picture for you.....

A friend of ours is letting me borrow one of their dumpsters. This is helping on Step 1. De-cluttering! I'll probably have this baby full before it's over!

So far, I found out that before I can start any of the projects that I want to do, that I first need to de-clutter around here. Now, that is a job! Getting things back in order will help my frame of mind. So that is my first goal at the moment. In fact, that is what I've been working on the last couple of days. Going through rooms and trying to decluttter. I have boxes of items to donate and lots of bags and boxes to thrash.

Will I get it all done? I doubt it. But, I really believe that getting rid of some stuff around here will definitely help.

From the Heart,

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year~~ A New Start

Happy New Year Everyone!

I love redecorating but just haven't had a lot of time for the last several years or maybe I just haven't taken the time. Anyway, my plan is set to re-do just about everything in and around our home.

I have lots of little projects and several big projects that I would like to get done this year.

This will be my journal, so to speak of the progress. I hope that you will join me as I begin my Transformations from the Heart.

From the heart,