Monday, November 18, 2013

When life gives you lemons...

Hi all,
Wow, I have to say that I've really neglected my blog for the past several weeks. Things have been hectic around here, so I've just not taken the time to do any blogging.
With the Holidays around the corner, I'm sure it's going to get even busier but I'll try to do better on posting.

Although, I did want to share a photo of the lemons that our trees produced this year. Oh my, we got the most that we've ever had, the weather must of been just perfect. Remember my post HERE about all the blooms that were on the trees. Well, a lot of the time the intense heat does something to the trees or Spring time storms knock many of the blooms off but this year everything seemed to work out perfect for an abundance of lemons. Yay!!
Just look at those gorgeous beauties! In the photo, that's two bushel baskets FULL. 

Lemons fresh picked
We also have an Orange tree, we ended up getting 3 oranges. Can you see one of them sitting in the back basket? The Orange tree didn't do so well, but wow....look at those lemons. Now, I've got to get busy juicing them. If you lived closer, I would share some of the abundance with you. 
What's that saying? When life gives you lemons...make lemonade. Guess I'll be busy making plenty of lemonade for the next couple of days. I do make a fabulous lemon sauce to go over pasta, I think I'll make it this week. Hopefully, I'll remember to take photos to share with you all.

Thanks so much for stopping by
Hope you have a wonderful day!

From the Heart,

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Who's up for a Give a Way?

Give-a-ways are so much fun to enter and even more fun to win! Don't you think?
Molly over at 100% Molly Made is having one this week for a super cute hand painted sign. This girl loves to design, paint and cook up a storm. So if you're looking for some inspiration or some fabulous recipes then you will love her blog.

She creates and paints things like this.
Robert Frost quote sign
 And this

And this
Great message here don't you think?
Some great cookies like these
And oh my goodness, these too!

She is really trying to increase readership and followers for her blog. So I would be beyond thrilled and ever grateful if you would pop on over to see her. If you've been a reader of my blog for anytime, then you know that Molly is my daughter. She's such a sweetheart, I don't say this just because she's my daughter...I say it because it's true.
Hop on over to see for yourself. Thank you so much!!

From the Heart,

Monday, October 7, 2013

Painted Frames

I've sure had my hands full with redoing frames the last couple of weeks. I thought I'd show you a few of the ones that are completed. Some go to our little space at the Antique Mall and others are listed on Etsy.

This one reminds me of frames that my mam-maw used to have in her home, with the ornate details painted in different colors, also painting the little squiggles around the perimeter. It looks so old fashion to me.
hand painted ornate frame
When I started painting this one, I was going for a concrete/stone faux finish. It looks so chunky and heavy though it's all in the paint treatment that I gave it. What do you think-does it give you the feeling of stone?
hand painted frame
This last one I've used one of my favorite techniques of using layers of gesso for that Old World feel paying attention to the ornate areas to really give it some pop.
ornate frame hand painted
I have several more frames that I'm working on in our workshop. I'm really trying to get as much done before the cooler weather hits, it's always difficult to get any painting done when the temps drop. So I'd better get back to work!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

From the Heart,

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A new Kitchen Island

Our kitchen island project has been a long time in the making but it's finally done. Not that it took long to do, mainly it was finding the time and also deciding what I wanted for the top surface.

I went back and forth we put granite or solid surface. We even thought about painting the top but gave that idea up after a couple of weeks. We sanded and primed the surface, then we thought. What kind of design would look good painted? After dealing with the primed surface for a couple of weeks, I decided that was not an option for us.
Altho, I loved our other island, we had this one built to be a little shorter, by 8" and also a somewhat wider. Something else was to have casters installed on the bottom. I love it. Now I can turn the island horizontal, vertical and even place it catty-corner in the kitchen.
In the end, we decided on tiling the top. Maybe not a choice of a lot of people but we went with the most affordable for us at this time. Plus the fact that we have quite a bit of counter tops in our kitchen that I want to redo soon. When I took that into consideration, doing it all in granite just does not fit our budget at this time. Maybe some day, but not now.
Here I am laying the tile out to decide on a pattern.
Alrighty, pattern decided and on to the work. Only have the center to finish. I really like how it's coming along, don't you?

 All done and grouted. I'm really loving it. So earthly looking.

The other tile in the kitchen is white. When we built our home 13 years ago, it looked great. Though over time I've come to not like the white tile and white grout so much. But this, I love! We went with a tan grout and earthly colored tile. It now looks homey to me. What do you think?

I can't take credit for any of the work, well except for picking out the tile, grout color and the design of how the tile would lay. My sweet hubby did all the work. What a guy!
Now we have the REST of the kitchen to do. I told my hubs that that's what I want for Christmas, to finish the kitchen counters. I think it will look fantastic when it's all complete. Time to decide what I want for the back-splash. Hubby is thinking stone...I'm thinking glass tile. I've seen some that will match our tile just perfect. I'll let you know when it's decided.

From the Heart,

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Time Keeps Marching On

This week it seems that I've done a lot of thinking...

About time that is and how quickly it keeps marching on.

You see, Tuesday was my birthday, yet again it seems. It didn't feel like very long ago I had a birthday and here I am with yet another one. 365 days pass before you know it!

What did I do in the last three-hundred and sixty-five days? I don't really know, it all seems a blur these days. Is it because I'm getting older?? The saying is "Time flies when you're having fun" Maybe that's it, I'm just having too much fun. ha! Not sure that that's it either. Something to ponder for sure.
All I know is, I have so much that I want to do but it seems as though so little time. Do you feel like that too??
I spent the better part of my birthday reminiscing about where has my life gone. Not in a bad way mind you. Just thinking about what I've done with my life. Where has it gone. Every little thought included my kiddos, that's where my life has gone. Being a Mama to them. It seems like they were all just born, not the 21, 19, 17 and almost 15 year olds that they are today. I bet that I said it at least two dozen times this week to each of my kids, to enjoy their life, make wise choices and don't try to rush things, because before they know it they'll be sitting at my age wondering what happened to their life and how on earth did it fly by so quickly.

Speaking of time, you want to know what I got for my Big day? A very appropriate gift for the way that I've felt this week. My hubby got a 1888 Elgin woman's pocket watch for me. It's beautiful, I love it! Such a great piece of history. I can only imagine the woman who happened to have owned it. I wonder if she felt her life flying by.
Here's some quick pics I took of my new/very old watch
What do you think? Beautiful,right?
1888 elgin watch
Here's another very, very special gift that my sweet girl, Molly gave me. She hand painted me my very own Birthday card sign. Molly told me that there just wasn't a card that said what she felt, so she painted me one herself. Is she not the sweetest girl ever??
hand painted sign
When I read it for the first and second and third time, (with tears in my eyes) it sure makes me realize where my life has gone.... My kiddos, they own my heart and I'm so very proud that I am their Mama.

Well, I'm another year older and hopefully wiser. Though here's hoping that the next 365 days Do Not pass by as quickly as the last!

From the Heart,